Caja performs both in Dutch and in English. For most English language performances she works closely with STET – The English Theatre.

STET- Cultuurschakel

To share a story is like sharing a delicious meal. No screens, no noise, no artificial flavouring, photoshop or added sugar. The children sit together and listen to a story, prepared for them with love. Their imagination transports them to the story-world, where anything is possible. Each of them responds to the story in their own way. And so the sharing of one story becomes a personal experience, tailor made for each individual child. Sharing stories empowers our imagination, and in return we ourselves are empowered. We learn how to dream, how to imagine ourselves or our world differently and we learn how to empathize with different characters. Stories help us to stretch our imagination and broaden our horizons.
Caja’s stories are full of magic, rich imagery, bold characters and heartfelt meaning. How the various heroes and heroines handle adversity in the course of their adventure is inspiring. Children can learn about the kind of person they want to be. In the middle of a day spent learning with our head, we take a breath and learn with our heart.
Caja’s Magical Storytelling Programme (Cultuurschakel) is created for preschoolers and grades 1 + 2 (groep 1 t/m 4). For story programmes created for older children, or for a more tailor-made approach, please contact Dóra Szikra at STET- The English Theatre directly.

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